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The American Begonia Society (ABS) is excited to announce that it has published a new book by begonia researcher Mark Tebbitt, Ph.D.

"Tuberous Begonias: A Monograph of Begonia section Australes".

Tuberous Begonias - Book Front Cover Tebbitt

This informative guide has over 140 beautifully photographed cultivated and wild tuberous begonias with chapters on hybrids, species, cultivation, and more.

Dr. Tebbitt is a professor of botany and curator of the greenhouse at California University of Pennsylvania. His research specialty is the taxonomy of ornamental plants, with an emphasis on Begonia. I feel that taxonomy - the describing, naming, and classification of living things - is important as it allows communication of information about the organisms with which we share the planet," says Dr. Tebbitt. "A detailed understanding of other organisms, and a precise and quick means to access that information, is vital to society as we depend upon this biodiversity for our wellbeing and survival. "

Research for this book took Dr. Tebbitt over 15 years to complete and included eight expeditions to South America, all supported by the ABS. Publication of the book was through the ABS Millie Thompson Publication Fund, and is available for purchase through the ABS website store.

Dr. Tebbitt joined the American Begonia Society in 1994. He serves as Nomenclature Editor and is a frequent contributor for The Begonian, the bimonthly publication of ABS. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and playing tennis.


The American Begonia Society is a horticultural society devoted to the promotion, cultivation, and study of begonias (plant family Begoniaceae). Begoniaceae is one of the largest flowering plant families with about 1500 different species and hundreds of hybrids. Mature begonia plant sizes range from a mere few inches high to over 12 feet high. The range of begonia flowers, foliage colors and sizes are incredibly diverse, and spectacular.


Regardless of if you are gardening inside in a small terrarium, under lights, on a window sill, or outside in your garden, we know there is at least one begonia to inspire you and delight you! We love to share our enthusiasm and love of begonias with new friends!

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