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Begonia 'Anna Lee Salisbury'
by Mildred Swyka

This lovely rhizome came to me in an exchange box - I don't remember where it came from or who sent it. I tried to find information about this begonia, but failed. I even wrote to Ann Lee Salisbury.

The rhizome on this begonia is very thick and it has a thick dark green leaf with light colored veins. A large begonia, it blooms well from December to March with white flowers.

Some of my rhizomatous begonias seem to be sluggish at the beginning of summer so I gave this one a watering of "Miracle Gro Mir-Acid." In two weeks I could see a nice improvement.

B 'Anna Lee Salisbury'Left, B 'Anna Lee Salisbury'. Below, Ann Salisbury herself, Past President of ABS and winner of both the Herbert B. Dyckman and Eve Kenworth Gray Awards.

Ann Salisbury

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