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San Francisco

Embassy Suites Airport Hotel

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Begonia Gold Rush

There’s Begonias in Them Thar Hills . .
Strike It Rich!

American Begonia Society
2010 National Convention and Show
August 17 - 22, 2010
Embassy Suites - San Francisco Airport
250 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, California 94080
Telephone: 650.589.3400


Many times a lot of us go to a convention alone because the ‘other half’ at best tolerates our fanaticism for begonias, but doesn’t feel the need to travel to another city to watch us get excited about them.  Let them know that the Embassy Suites shuttle, which operates 24/7  will take them to the San Francisco Airport where they can catch the train (BART) into the City and most of the rest of the Bay Area. They can explore on their own. Or here are two links about walking tours that can be done in San Francisco.

And here’s a link to a BART map of stations to see how much of the Bay Area is reachable by the system. From this page you can link to information about how to use the system.

For those of you who can get a copy of Pacific Horticulture magazine, this month’s issue has an article about Quarry Hill Botanic Garden, one of our bus tour stops.

The show and sale are open to the public free of charge on Saturday and Sunday. Add to your begonia collection or buy new ones from thousands of choices. And see fabulous begonias grown by begonia enthusiasts and experts from all over the country.

See you at Begonia Gold Rush and don’t come alone!



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