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West Palm Beach 2009

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There are two options for registration. Click on the 1st link below to bring up the registration page. You can print it and fill it out and mail it to Doris Happel with your check.


If you are from a non-USA location, you may register for the convention now and pay in US dollars when you arrive in West Palm Beach. 


The second link is for the adventurous. It will bring up an Acrobat PDF file that you can fill in online and submit to Doris. You'll still need to send her your check. Because of different computer platforms, versions of Acrobat, mail programs, etc. something might go wrong. If you have filled in the form but it won't submit, you can always print it and send it to Doris. 


1. Click here to go to the registration page that can be printed and sent to Doris Happel.




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