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All tour prices include tip for driver

Wednesday, April 29, ~~~ Palm Beach - $35

Today you will see how Zone 10 treats begonias.  Palm Beach is a long barrier island located between the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream Current and Lake Worth.  Yearly temperatures range from 35° to 95°F with humidity ranging from 55-100%.  Begonias that love these conditions thrive in our landscapes.

v                 You will be touring the Garden of the Four Arts where Begonia poponoei grows waist high and B. U475, B. thelmae, and B. barsalouxiae grow along the edges of the Jungle Garden pathways.  After the hurricanes, even more begonias were added to this renovated garden.

v                 Next, we visit a private garden located right along Lake Worth, complete with a wooden Victorian style shade-house, rare palms, and several begonias that were planted after our last convention.

v                 A short distance down a walkway is the Flagler Museum, where touring will add to your knowledge of Florida history. 

v                 Next, we are off to lunch (on your own at nearby restaurants).

v                 After lunch we will have regained our strength so we can explore a six-acre estate chock-full of horticultural wonderment. 


Thursday Tour ~~~ April 30 ~~~ Members gardens and Nurseries - $35

Three members are sharing their very different yards with us today.  Mounts Botanical Garden has highlighted all three properties on its annual Mother’s Day garden tour. 

v                 The first garden has an open look and is full of colorful blooming sun-loving plants.  This collector’s garden is highlighted by an arbor leading to a secret garden, a pond with waterfall, a shade house, and winding pathways all created by the owner.  High filtered shade provided by palms and trees enable many begonias to thrive. 

v                 The second garden is enclosed overhead by tall native cypress, oak and maple trees.  Several fishponds supply extra humidity needed for eight different types of maidenhair ferns, 80+ begonias, and many odd, unusual plants, such as Angiopteris, Dorestinia, and Monolena.  Trees provide vertical gardening space for orchids, bromeliads, shingle plants, philodendrons, and an Anthurium ‘Billifolius rex’.

v                 Next, we arrive in Loxahatchee to visit Excelsa Gardens, one of the nurseries that supplies exotic plants to the Philadelphia Plant Show. They carry a wide variety from succulents to tropicals. 

v                 Then onto Tropical World nursery that has a small lake and natural bogs complete with lotus lilies adorning the nursery’s surrounding landscape. 

v                 We are then off to rest and relax around the lunch table at the Wellington Club. 

v                 To end the day we arrive at another member’s garden where her acre holds huge Poinciana trees, bromeliads, palms, tropical bamboo, butterfly plants, tropical fruits, brugmansias, and many, many begonias.  Several of the Yahoo begonia pictures posted in the last year are from this garden.


Friday Afternoon Tour ~ May 1 ~ American Orchid Society and Unbelievable Acres - $35

Lunch on your own before tour.

After our convention in 2000, we donated several trays of four-inch begonias to the newly located American Orchid Society in Delray Beach.  Today you will see them several years later growing in the landscape and complementing the AOS grounds and enclosed orchid house.  The gift shop offers many souvenirs ranging from books to glassware. 

Then we travel to West Palm Beach to traverse Unbelievable Acres.  This property was a blank slate thirty years ago and has been developed over the years into a rain forest of many rare and desirable plants.  The owner was a county extension agent for 30+ years and has recently retired to tend to his plants full time.  Seeing all the begonias in this yard will be reminiscent of how they grow out in the wilds of the forest.  Stands of cane begonias reach heights of ten feet and stalks are two inches in diameter.


Sunday Morning Tour ~~~ May 3 ~~~ Palm Hammock Orchid Estate - $45

Leave 7:30 a.m. for PHOE, box lunch, return to Hilton about 3:30 p.m.

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