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Seed Fund

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Clayton M. Kelly Seed Fund 
The Margaret Lee Branch, San Diego County, CA

The seed fund is a service to members only. It is a privilege of your membership.

ATTENTION: Please note new address. 
Send orders, comments and suggestions to:
Michael Ludwig
6040 Upland Street
San Diego, CA. 92114-1933
Email: Michael Ludwig 

Please self pollinate your species begonias and collect seeds to send to the seed fund. When sending seeds wrap them carefully in a dry paper packet folded on all four sides and sealed with tape. It is important that the packet is folded on all four sides so that the seeds will not escape and get stuck in the sealing tape. Do not use plastic envelopes because the seeds adhere to the plastic. Glassine envelopes can be used if the open side is folded twice before sealing.

Read Michael Ludwig's Seed Growing and Seed Creating articles for tips and how-to.

The featured seeds described below were contributed by Thelma O’Reilly, Joan Campbell, Mary Fugua, and Beatrice Huckriede.

Current Seed Listing

Current Seed Listing pay with PayPal

Please include paypal fee when ordering by paypal.

All packets of seeds of species, U numbers,and cultivars (including open pollinated) are $2.00. Very rare seeds and newly collected seeds will be $3.00 or more per packet as noted in the Begonian. California residents please add 7.75 % sales tax. All orders must be accompanied by check or money order, payable in US funds ONLY, to The Clayton M. Kelly Seed Fund.

Please send your order with payment to:
Michael Ludwig
6040 Upland Street, 
San Diego, CA. 92114-1933

Cost of Mailing: 1-12 
(2 cans)
US only $1.00 $1.35 $1.71 $2.30 $2.66
Canada only $1.10 $1.46 $1.82 $2.35 $2.71
Mexico only $1.15 $1.51 $1.87 $2.50 $2.81
All other international mail $1.85 $2.68 $3.68 $4.68 $5.68

DISCLAIMER: The seeds distributed by the seed fund are identified as received from the donors. The species names (in italics) reported here are correct based on the latest information from BEGONIACEAE, Ed. 2; Golding, and Wasshausen. Hybrid names are made consistent with the “ABS Check List of Begonia Hybrids” edited by Howard Berg dated 9/13/2005.

Seed Fund Order Form


Order form in Adobe PDF format. The order form can be filled out, printed and mailed  to us.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 



Order form in Word DOC format. This form can be filled out in Microsoft Word. Then you can print it out and mail to us.

Download Microsoft Word Reader

Seed Articles by Michael Ludwig


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