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Current Seed Fund Listing 12/01/2014 Seed List  

ABS Membership required to purchase seeds. Payment in US dollars.

US, Canada, and Mexico $25.00
All others: $45.00
td>B. cardiocarpa
Seed Identification Add To Cart   Seed Identification Add To Cart   Seed Identification Add To Cart
B. aborensis var aborensis RM-AR-903
  B. aborensis RM-AR-1093 (limited $3.00 per packet)
  B. acetosella var acetosella RM-AR-990
B. acetosella var. acetosella RM-AR-1162
  B. acetosella var. hirtifolia  RM-AR-1136
B. acetosella var hirtifolia RM-AR-961
  B. acetosella var. acetosella RM-AR-988 (limited $3.00 per packet)
  B. acaulis OUT OF STOCK
B. angularis OUT OF STOCK   B. barkeri
B. barkeri RM-08-304B OUT OF STOCK   B. bartonea hort. (‘Winter Jewel’)  OUT OF STOCK   B. boliviensis
B. ‘Bonfire’
  B. boliviensis ‘Bonfire’
  B. breedloveii RM-08-307  OUT OF STOCK
B. burkillii RM-AR-1096a (limited $3.00 per packet) OUT OF STOCK   B. burkillii var ferruginea RM-AR-1096 (limited $3.00 per packet) OUT OF STOCK   B. cardiocarpa
B. carolinefolia
  B. cinnabarina OUT OF STOCK   B. convolvulacea
B. crassicaulis OUT OF STOCK  
B. cucullatta v. arensicola
  B. descoleana 'Riodo Rastao'

(limited $3.00 per packet)

  B. descoleana
B. dichtoma
B. digyna OUT OF STOCK   B. dipetala
  B. dipetala (si 8905)
B. dipetala RM-SI-890
  B. dipetala (maroon) OUT OF STOCK   B. 'Dragon Wings'
B. dregei
  B. dregei/suffruiticosa
  B. dregei 2013
B. echinosepala
  B. echinosepala 2012
  B. echinosepala var elongatifolia
B. fisheri 
  B. flocufera RM-SI-G01 (limited $3.00 per packet)(garden origin)  OUT OF STOCK   B. formosana RM-TW-899 OUT OF STOCK
B. gehrtii

(limited $3.00 per packet)

  B. geranioides OUT OF STOCK   B. glabra
 B. grandis 2012
  B. grandis
  B. grandis sspp grandis v white OUT OF STOCK
B. griffithiana
  B. griffithiana RM-AR-1084 (limited $3.00 per packet)
  B. griffithiana RM-AR-1124 (maroon form) (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. griffithiana  RM-AR-1167
B. guaduensis OUT OF STOCK   B. handelli RM-AR-1202 (limited $3.00)
  B. hatacoa RM-AR-928 (limited $3.00 per packet)  OUT OF STOCK
B. imperialis   OUT OF STOCK   B. involucrata  OUT OF STOCK   B. iridescens RM-AR-1174 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. karwinskyana  
  B. kellermanii  OUT OF STOCK   B. kenworthyeae  
B. limprichtii  (2013)
  B. limprichtii RM-AR-1201
  B. longifolia   OUT OF STOCK
B. ludwigii  
  B. luxurians  
  B. malabarica  OUT OF STOCK
B. manicata rm8-295  OUT OF STOCK   B. mariti rm8-352  
  B. masoniana  
B. ‘Million Kises Elegance’ wh/pk  
  B. ‘Million Kisses Romance’  
  B. ’Million Kisses’ (Honeymoon)
 B. moyesii x rex hybrid

(limited $3.00 per packet)

  B. multinervia   OUT OF STOCK   B. nelumbifolia  OUT OF STOCK
B. nigritarum  OUT OF STOCK   B. oaxacana  
  B. oaxacana RM-08-349 (limited $3.00 per packet)   OUT OF STOCK
B. ovatifolia RM-DAR-1 (tuberous species growing at about 4000 – 5000’)  OUT OF STOCK   B. obliqua pink fl  
  B. odorata alba
B. olbiqua wh fl  
B. palmata  
  B. palmata RM-AR-1203
  B. palmata (variegated forms) RM-AR-1103a (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. palmata RM-M-701 (limited $3.00 per packet)
  B. peltata  
B. peltata var peltata  
  B. philodendroides  OUT OF STOCK   B. polygonata RM-08-313 (limited $3.00 per packet)  OUT OF STOCK
B. red semp/tuber  
  B. reniformis  
  B. roxburghii RM-AR-821 (limited $3.00 per packet) OUT OF STOCK
B. robusta (redform)  
  B. sacrophylla RM-08-309 (limited $3.00 per packet)  OUT OF STOCK
B. semp red fl  
  B. sericoneura  
  B. sericoneura x unk  
B. sericoneura x unk rh
  B. sericoneura x 'Oabeherd'
 B. ‘Shanzii’  
B. sikkimensis   OUT OF STOCK
B. silletensis RM-AR-1116 (limited $3.00 per packet) OUT OF STOCK   B. sizemoreae  
  B. schmidtiana  
B.schmidtiana ’Chaurly’
  B. subvillosa ’Teddy Bear’
  B. subvillosa (B. U008)  
B. tayabensis 2013
  B. thiemei   OUT OF STOCK
B. udisilvestris  
  B. ulmifolia  
B. U 083  
  B. U607 (cf. B rockii)   OUT OF STOCK   Vanderveldiana  
B. vitifolia, red = B. reniformis  
  B. vitifolia = B. reniformis  
  B. wallichiana  
B. wollnyi (2013)
  B. 'Irene Nuss'
 B. ‘Raintree Delight’  
  B. U613 from China (collector's number B.C.11) Out of Stock   B. large cane RM-DAR-27 (from garden of Lesley Pawsey)  
Nov/Dec 2014 Newly Added Seeds:
From: ($2.00):
Seed Identification Add To Cart   Seed Identification Add To Cart
B. acerifolia Out of Stock   B buddleifolia Out of Stock
B. consobrina Out of Stock   B. erythrocarpa Out of Stock
B. fischer Out of Stock   B. froebelii Out of Stock
B. glabra Out of Stock   B. guaduensis Out of Stock
B. humilis Out of Stock   B. ludwigii Out of Stock
B. maynensis Out of Stock   B. parviflora Out of Stock
B. sp. 28 Out of Stock   B. sp. sect. Gobenia Out of Stock
B. urticae Out of Stock      

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