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ABS 2001 Convention Denver, Colorado

b. polygonoidesAmong the many exciting events ABS members will experience in 2001, the Denver Botanic Gardens will host an afternoon and evening event during our convention (dinner included). There are twenty-three acres of Rocky Mountain splendor awaiting your arrival. The red carpet will be rolled out, we'll have dinner between tours of the greenhouses not seen by the usual tourist. During the 1997 Gesneriad Growers National Convention I had the pleasure of giving a private tour to a few friends and Michael Kartuz still tells me what a great time was had by all at the gardens. Since 1997 the main Conservatory and several working greenhouses have been completely revamped in preparation for the 2001 Association of Botanic Gardens Convention also being held in Denver. We like species here in Denver. B. polygonoides (Tropical Africa 1871, Joseph Hooker) is in a hanging basket 12 feet above the Conservatory floor. Two more feet and it will be on the floor. I tried to count the number of trailing arms and calculate the total length; I stopped at over 700 feet. A splendid example of begonia growing.

The species orchid and bromeliad collections will delight and amaze you. Both collections are counted among the top 10 of their kind in the world. We'll have guided tours as well as time to leisurely stroll both grounds and greenhouses. The State of Colorado and City of Denver is host to the real millennium celebration. Please plan your summer and join us in the heart of America.

Rocky Mountain Branch, ABS

Andrew Conely


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