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Begonias in a Bag…
by Bill and Mimi Schramm

Three years ago the Monterey Bay Chapter of the ABS participated in an International Flower and Garden Show which was held at Pebble Beach. We wanted to sell plants at the show to raise money for the Chapter, but we knew that most of the visitors to the show would be from out of town and not interested in carrying potted plants home. Our solution to that problem was to develop the concept of "Begonias in a Bag".

Depending on the type of begonia, we collected leaves, stem cuttings, or pieces of rhizomes from our members. Each piece of growing material was placed in a zip lock bag along with damp moss and a name tag. Different size bags (sandwich, 1 quart, 1 gallon were used depending on the size of the growing material. The final touch was to add a self adhesive address type label to the bag. The label announced that this was a "Begonia in Bag" along with the name of our Chapter. We sold the bags for $1 to $2 depending on the size of the bag and included a sheet of paper with instructions on how to plant and grow the leaf or cutting. Our Begonias in a Bag were very popular and we have used the concept at other local plant sales.

The advantages of "Begonias in a Bag" are significant. For visitors who travel long distances to plant sales such as those at ABS conventions, it is always a problem to carry potted plants home. Begonias in a Bag, on the other hand are very easy to pack and carry in a car or even on a plane. For growers of plants for sales it is much easier and quicker to take cuttings and bag them than to raise small plants. Consider also how much easier it would be for a Chapter to send these to a plant sale at a distant convention rather than to try to ship potted plants. We have also found that since it is easier for members in our Chapter to contribute cuttings we get more participation and more contributions including cuttings for some of the less common, harder to find begonias.

The Monterey Bay Chapter brought "Begonias in a Bag " to Begonia Kaleidoscopes too.

begonias in a bag

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