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Begonias by Mike Stevens, 2002 
96 pages, over 95 color photos (11 full page). 

Includes: History and Key Discoveries; Culture of Non-tuberous Begonias; Sub-groups and Cultivation of Tuberous Begonias; Large Flowered Tuberhybrida in Containers Year-round; Basket Begonias; Begonias in the Garden; Pests, Diseases and Disorders; Fertilisers and Soils; Watering; Propagation; Creating your own Hybrids; Bibliography; Appendices: Exhibiting your Plants; Useful Addresses. 
Canada & US: ISBN 1-55297-551-7 (pbk); 
price: Can$16.95/US$16.95. 
ISBN 1-55297-552-5 (hardback); price: Can$22.95/US$22.95. Publisher: Firefly Books. Release March, 2002.
New Zealand: ISBN 1-86953-496-4. Price: NZ$29.95. 
Publishers: David Bateman Ltd. 
Australia: ISBN 1865344964. 
Publisher: Lothian Books. 
Price: A$29.95. Release April, 2002.

Other places
e.g. U.K. or those having difficulty in sourcing a copy please contact the author at : m.i.stevens@xtra.co.nz for details of how to purchase other than through the web. 

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