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Save Our Species (SOS)

The Save Our Species program of the American Begonia Society was created to encourage its members to adopt one or more species, keep it / them growing in cultivation, and, by propagation, share them with others so that we do not lose species begonias altogether.

So many species including begonia species are no longer to be found in the wild, and the loss continues at an alarmingly rapid rate due to human depredation or natural catastrophes such as landslides.

To join the SOS program all you need do is to select a species or several to adopt & inform Johanna Zinn.

Please contact Johanna for more information.

Participant List:

As of 2011

Begonia Species Grown by ABS Members:

As of 2016

Adopt-a-Species Cultivation Information Sheets:

Begonia iridescens
Begonia burkilli
Begonia cleopatrae
Begonia ferox
Begonia garagarana
Begonia hydrocotylifolia
Begonia lyman-smithii
Begonia microsperma
Begonia montis-elephantis
Begonia ningmingensis
Begonia pringlei
Begonia sericoneura
Begonia sizemoreae
Begonia u476
Begonia vankerckhovenii
Begonia versicolor


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