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American Begonia Society Awards Programs

The American Begonia Society instituted the Awards Program in 1945 to recognize individuals whose activities have benefited the Society in many ways.

Award Nominations
Award nominations open the first of every year. To nominate a member, the nominator may use either email or US mail - One nomination per letter. The nomination must include the name of the award and reasons this member should be so honored.
Contact information is listed under Officers/Chairpersons and in the back of the Begonian.

The Herbert P. Dyckman Award for Service is presented to a member who has rendered long-term or very outstanding service for the American Begonia Society above and beyond the normal duties of a member or officer.

The Eva Kenworthy Gray Award is given for contributing original material toward helping the rank and file members further their study of begonias.

The Alfred D. Robinson Medal of Honor is for a begonia cultivar that has been released for at least five years. This hybrid must be registered with the Nomenclature Department and widely distributed, and the originator of the begonia must be a member of the American Begonia Society. This award may be won more than once by a hybridizer. 

The Rudolf Ziesenhenne Award is presented to an editor who collects and edits the works of others for a publication either U.S. or international and:

a. Who encourages a broad array of writers both scientific and practical to write and contribute articles.

b. Who issues a publication on begonias that is both excellent in design and content and which contributes to our knowledge and appreciation of begonias.

The Marge Lee Award is given to a person who contributes something of a spiritual value toward cementing goodwill and harmony among members.

The Gene Salisbury Award is given to a grower who exemplifies the very best in cultural practice, but who also brings to us by their careful work the new species and hybrids. These are growers who contribute to our society simply through their excellence in growing begonias.

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