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The Begonian - Volume 67


January/February 2000 



March/April 2000

Winter blooms in excess! Another reason we love begonias. Johanna Zinn captured the winter glory of this unidentified rhizome in January of 1999




May/June 2000

Hybridizing Begonias is an Art Form

A dictionary definition of art is "the production or expression of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance" and a home improvement warehouse advertises that it sells "Artist supplies for gardeners." Brad Thompson calls hybridizing begonias the development of living art. What better way to demonstrate these ideas than with the "New Cultivars" offered in this issue? Iris Bird views this process through the eyes of a beginner at hybridizing and Jackie Davis demonstrates how she chose parents to produce her own vision of a hybrid.

True Detectives

Pulp fiction cannot produce anything more inately mysterious than our begonia species. Each is so variable and often has such a deep and murky history that it can sometimes turn the grower into a Sherlock Holmes searching for that begonia's best growing conditions and its true identity. In this issue Dale Sena and Johanna Zinn undertake the challenge with their two mystery species.

Is this beauty B. guttata? Johanna Zinn records and photographs its characteristics precisely while growing it to perfection and researching its identity in depth. Read all in the article beginning on page 98.


July/August 2000

Bill and Mimi Schramm send this photo of a lovely tuberous begonia grown in Salinas, CA. Compare its beauty to the one grown by Ian McNeur in New Zealand on page 135.



September/October 2000 

Begonias by the Beach

Mary Bucholtz captured this incredibly beautiful B. paleata on tour during the Begonias by the Beach Convention.

ABS Convention 2000, chaired by Virginia Jens, was Florida all the way. Members got to picnic on the beach and view such begonias as most had rarely seen. In this issue read all about the tours, the show, the sales, the seminars as only Janet Brown can write about them. Sample the photos of begonias here (but look for others in the coming issues). Meet the winners - the begonias, people, and for the first time every - the poetry! To all the wonderful people of the Florida Branches who made such a beautiful Convention for all, a big ABS THANKS.


November/December 2000 


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