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The Begonian - Volume 69


January/February 2002 

Oh, winter joy! The rhizomatous blooms are coming and to raise our expectations here is Iris Bird's photo if B. 'Northern Lights' which bloomed for her in January and February last year. This is probably the Logee hybrid (listed in ther 1996-7) catalogue of unknown parentage. A Rex and a Semperflorens hybrid have this name as well.



March/April 2002




May/June 2002 

Begonias and People
Although begonias can and do grow perfectly well in their native habitats with no help from people at all, the begonias we grow in our homes and gardens area inseparably linked with people - those who find them, name them, grow them, study them, and write about them. This issue as it emerged turned out mainly to be about many such people all of whom have a special relationship to the plants we love - the growers extraordinary Jeanne Jones, Lulu Leonard, and Janet Welsh; the explorer Ruth Kiew; the researcher and hybridizer Thelma O'Reilly; the late Professor Jan Doorenbos who contributed so much; and all the others.


Mary Bucholtz captured B. metallica growing at Lotusland during the convention in Los Angeles in 1999.


July/August 2002 

Bill and Mimi Schramm's flowers on B. 'Splotches'.



September/October 2002 

Convention Issue 2002

Begonias International was a convention we will all long remember. Cheryl Lenert and all the folks of the Houston Branches really know how to make Begoniacs feel welcome. The joys of a perfect convention were realized: we saw new begonia species and new begonia hybrids; we met new begonia friends; and we went home with begonias we couldn't live without from a fabulous plant sale!!

Charlsie Hancock's Pasadena garden on a Begonias International tour demonstrated how begonias abounded in the landscapes we saw. Here there are Semperflorens around the tree and in the hanging baskets is B. 'Torch' front and B. 'Concord' behind. Photo is by Mary Bucholtz.


November/December 2002 

Joanna Zinn journeyed to Portugal and found begonia riches including this B. gehrtii.


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