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American Begonia Society Calendar of Events

Many local societies are having "virtual" meetings.
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Dates and times are subject to change without notice.
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ABS is excited to host the next event in its educational series, 250 Years of Begonia Collecting in Peru and Bolivia presented by Peter Moonlight, Ph.D.

The program will start promptly at noon (ET) on Saturday, May 22.

In his talk, Dr. Moonlight will focus on the Begonias of Peru and Bolivia, taking us on a field trip across the Andes, where we'll see the many and varied species they support. Dr. Moonlight will also share never published paintings of Begonias made 240 years ago on one of the most important botanical expeditions ever made. Since the first western botanical expeditions to the Andes almost 250 years ago, scientists have been fascinated by the diverse habitats and plants they support. It is now known that the tropical Andes are among the world's most botanically diverse regions, supporting as many as 30,000 species of vascular plants. This pattern is echoed in Begonias, with close to 10% of the world's Begonia species found in the tropical Andes.


Peter Moonlight is a research associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. He has studied Andean Begonias for almost a decade, including several field trips to study Begonias in the wild in Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. Dr. Moonlight began working with Begonias while pursuing his Masters in the biodiversity of plants at the University of Edinburgh. From there, he pursued his Ph.D. funded by the Begonia MacIntyre Trust at the University of Glasgow. While Dr. Moonlight's 'paid job' does not include Begonias, they are his first "botanical love" and his work where time allows. Please feel free to share this invitation with those you feel may be interested in attending!


This is an American Begonia Society members-only event.

If you have not yet joined the ABS and are interested in attending this meeting, please see the membership tab on the ABS website or visit the link: https://www.begonias.org/membership/membershipBenefits.htm

If you are already a member of ABS, please look for your email invite or email AmericanBegoniaSociety@gmail.com for more information.


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