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American Begonia Society Calendar of Events

Many local societies are having "virtual" meetings.
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Dr. Tebbitt will discuss conservation of biodiversity, using begonia species to illustrate key points. He will include information on what can be done to slow the loss of biodiversity, especially in areas of the world where begonias grow wild. This discussion will include existing projects aimed at conserving begonias and suggest new projects that we, as ABS members, may consider supporting to preserve biodiversity of Begonia.

Dr. Tebbitt's interest in Begonia began when he was researching Asian begonias for his Ph.D. thesis at Glasgow University in Scotland. Since then, he has extended his scientific research to include South American Begonia species as well, saying, "The more I have learned about begonias the more I have become fascinated by them."

Dr. Tebbitt joined the American Begonia Society in 1994, when he first started work on Begonia, and currently serves as Nomenclature Editor of The Begonian. He has published two books on begonias:

  • Begonias: Cultivation, Identification, and Natural History (2005), now considered a classic reference in the Begonia field
  • Tuberous Begonias: A Monograph of Begonia section Australes (2020)

Research for the latter spanned 15 years and included eight expeditions to South America, all supported by ABS. Publication of the book was through the ABS Millie Thompson Publication Fund and available for purchase through the ABS Bookstore at Tuberous Begonias: A Monograph of Begonia section Australes

Note: This is an American Begonia Society members-only event. If you are a member and have not yet received your emailed invitation please check your spam folder or contact us. If you have not yet joined ABS and are interested in attending this meeting, Click here to join the ABS. All members who join prior to December 19 will receive an invitation to the program.

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