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Cane Begonias

Cane begonias have been popular plants for many years and were probably grown by your Grandmother, who called them "Angel Wing" begonias. Many types have been created since then, although those grown by your Grandmother are probably still in cultivation. There are several types of canes in varying sizes but they all have in common tough stems that have a bamboo-like appearance, which is why they are called canes. The superba canes generally grow the largest. They can have leaves up to about 14 inches long and can grow to 12 feet high although they areb. dichroa usually kept smaller and more compact. They have leaves that are cut and most types have silver spots or splashes on them. The flowers are in large clusters and some are fragrant. Canes are most popular in the southern states where they are grown outdoors in frost free areas but they can also be grown quite well indoors or in a greenhouse.

Two begonia hybridizers, Irene Nuss and Belva Kusler created many of the first superbas to become popular. Irene's hybrid B.'Irene Nuss' and Belva's B.'Sophie Cecile' are the two most widely circulated superbas of all time. The other most popular type of cane is the type formally called "angel wing" begonias. These come in every size from those commonly grown in baskets to large upright plants but all have the familiar pointed leaf shape that gave them their former common name. This type is still widely grown and many new hybrids are created every year. Many have silver spotted/splashed leaves and some have different serrated edges. Most are heavy bloomers, some even everbloomers.

Articles About Cane Begonias

Title Author Issue
Another Look at B. sceptrum and B. aconitifolia Dale Sena  May/June 2000
B. 'Cracklin' Rosie' Greg Sytch  May/June 1998
B. 'Peggy's Pet' Peggy Fratus  January/February 2002
Cane-like begonias: like bamboo with flowers   July 1980
Meet B. 'Lubbergei' Mary Ellen Taback  November/December 1990
My Favorite Begonia: B. 'Lana' Charles Jaros  March/April 2000

Images of Cane Begonias

Begonia Parents Photographer/Artist
B.  aconitifolia Dale Sena
B.  aconitifolia Dale Sena
B.  aconitifolia Dale Sena
B.  angularis Mary Bucholtz
B.  angularis Mary Weinberg
B.  'Avalanche' Juanita's Jewel x Emerald King Janet Brown
B.  'Aya' Margaritacea x Lenore Olivier
B. 'Black Gold' Jumbo Jet x dregei Glasgow Mary Bucholtz
B. coccinea Tom Keepin
B. 'Corallina de Lucerna' teuscheri x coccinea Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Cracklin' Rosie' Silver Mist & Salmon Rubra Charles Jaros
B. 'Cracklin' Rosie' Silver Mist & Salmon Rubra Mildred Swyka
B. 'Culture Class' dregei Glasgow x Lenore Olivier Joyce Pridgen
B. 'Dale Sena' deliciosa x Bob Cochran Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Di-Anna' dichroa x Annie Laurie Kit Jeans
B. dichroa Iris Bird
B. 'Eldorado' Doug Pridgen
B. 'Flamingo' dichroa x undulata Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Flamingo Queen' U078 x Lenore Olivier
B. 'Gazebo' White Ice selfed Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Gazebo' White Ice selfed Mike Flaherty
B. 'Jeanne Jones' Jumbo Jet x Sopnie Cecile Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'L. M. Donovan' Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Lady Vanderwilt' Sophie Cecile x Lomita Lady Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Lana' Elizabeth Lockhart x unknown Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Little Miss Mummey' Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Lomita Lass' Mary Bucholtz
B. 'Looking Glass'
B. 'Lots of Dots' Don Miller
B. 'Lubbergei' dregei x lubbersii Kit Jeans Mounger
B. maculata
B. 'Marguerite DeCola' Norah Hanson x dregei Chuck Anderson
B. 'Maria Holmes' Hanna Serr x Orange Rubra Iris Bird
B. 'Margaret Fisher' Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Miniperba'
B. 'Patriot Games' Mary Bucholtz
B. 'Peggy's Pet'
B. 'Silvermist' Charles Jaros
B. 'Sophie Cecile' Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Suspicion'
B. 'White Cascade' U078 x Lenore Olivier Ross Bolwell
B. 'White Ice' Doug Pridgen
B. 'Yankee Doodle' Mike Flaherty

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