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Rhizomatous Begonias

b. luzonensisThe rhizomatous types are grown mostly for their interesting leaves and compact growth but they have the added bonus of a massive display of flowers that can cover the whole plant. Most are spring blooming but there are a few that bloom all year. They range in size from tiny miniatures to large plants like B.'Freddie' that can have 3 foot leaves under optimum conditions (one growing outdoors in Hawaii grew that large). The plants can also grow very large across but don't reach great height, because they grow from rhizomes that creep along the ground, which gives this type its name. The  rhizomatous types are popular all across the country and one in particular B.'Erythrophylla' is an early hybrid that was often called it a beef steak or pond lily begonia because of it's large round leaves. Some types of rhizomatous have intricate patterns on their leaves in almost any earth tone color, some are hairy leaved, some are round and shiny, and some are star shaped. There is really no end to the variety of leaf shape, color and texture in this type of begonia, there is something for every taste.

Articles About Rhizomatous Begonias

Title Author Issue
Begonia bogneri Rudolf Ziesenhenne  January/February 2005
Begonia chitoensis Normand Dufresne  January/February 2004
Begonia crispula Johanna Zinn  May/June 2003
Begonia hydrocotylifolia Otto ex Hooker Normand Dufresne  May/June 2001
Begonia limprichtii Charles Henthorne  March/April 2005
Begonia masoniana   November 1976
Begonia U303 Johanna Zinn  March/April 2002
Begonia U388 Out of a Terrarium in Houston Tom Keepin  July/August 2003
Begonia versicolor Wallace W. Wagner  March/April 1999
B. formosana var. formosana Charles Jaros  September/October 2002
B. 'Alafia' Greg Sytch  March/April 2001
Begonia 'Anna Lee Salisbury' Mildred Swyka  January/February 2002
Begonia 'Joe Hayden' Peter Szilagyi  July/August 2003
Conservation Comments
Growing B. 404
Bill Claybaugh  September/October 2004
Conservation News Tamsin Boardman  May/June 1999
Easy to grow: B. 'Black Raspberry' Elda Haring  November 1979
Growing B. lancelolata Joyce Pridgen  September/October 2001
Growing Rhizomatous Begonias in the Ground in Southern Florida Paul Lowe  May/June 1991
Rhizomatous Begonias: Care Maria Holmes  March/April 1999
Rhizomatous begonias: leaves, flower clusters   July 1980
Spotlight on: B. carrieae Mary Weinberg  January/February 1994
Spotlight on: B. ficicola Mary Weinberg  September/October 1992
Spotlight on: B. gehrtii Mary Weinberg  January/February 1990
Spotlight on: B. goegoensis Mary Weinberg  November/December 1993
Spotlight on: Begonia rajah Jan Goodwin  July/August 1993

Images of Rhizomatous Begonias

Begonia Parents / Place of Origin Hybridizer Photographer/Artist
B. 'Abu Dhabi' bowerae var. nigramarga x violifolia Worley Elizabeth Mateus
B. 'Agnes Brin' Brin
B. 'Alafia' Cowardly Lion x manicata Sytch Bill Claybaugh
B. 'Al Clark' alice-clarkiae x imperialis var. brunnea Ziesenhenne Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Anna Lee Salisbury' Caviness
B. 'Around Janet Brown' B. Thompson Mary Bucholtz
B. attenuata Janet Welsh
B. barkeri Iris Bird
B. barsalouxiae Paul Tsamtsis
B. 'Bethlehem Star' bowerae x Eppley Wagner - 1972 Lloyd Traven
B. 'Black Raspberry' acetosa x imperialis Lowe Chuck Anderson
B. bogneri Charles Henthorne
B. bogneri Janet Welsh
B. burkillii Charles Henthorne
B. burkillii Charles Henthorne
B. 'Bunchii' sport of Erythrophylla Bunch Doug Pridgen
B. 'Cachuma' carrieae x unknown Ziesenhenne - 1972 Doris Happel
B. 'Caribbean Corsair' nelumbifolia x Black Velvet Anderson Doug Pridgen
B. carolineifolia Julie Vanderwilt
B. carrieae Paul Tsamtsis
B. carrieae Paul Tsamtsis
B. 'Chantilly Lace' bowerae x Black Shadows Dillard Julie Vanderwilt
B. chloroneura Johanna Kitson
B. 'Cleopatra' Brian Halliwell
B. 'Connee Boswell' Johnson Janet Brown
B. 'Connee Boswell' Johnson Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Cora Miller' Miller Elizabeth Mateus
B. 'Cowardly Lion' bokit X carrieae Kit Jeans-Mounger Doug Pridgen
B. 'Cowardly Lion' bokit X carrieae Kit Jeans-Mounger Julie Vanderwilt
B. crassicaulis Julie Vanderwilt
B. crestabruchii Julie Vanderwilt
B. crispula Joanna Zinn
B. 'Curly Face'
B. deliciosa Asia - 1933 Midori Nobusawa
B. delicosa Ed and Millie Thompson
B. 'Emerald Lacewing' Chumash x Aries Lowe Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Essie Hunt' conchifolia Zip x manicata Aureo-maculata Crispa Blanton Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Euphrates' Iris Bird
B. ficiola
B. floccifera Mary Bucholtz
B. formosana
B. fusca x imperialis Laurie Bounsall
B. gehrtii
B. goegoensis Julie Vanderwilt
B. goegoensis Mary Weinberg
B. 'Green Velvet' Kartuz Julie Vanderwilt
B. hatacoa
B. hatacoa var. meisneri Doris Happel
B. henryi  Hemsley Kingsley Langenberg
B. heracleifolia Kingsley Langenberg
B. heracleifolia Doris Happel
B. herbacea January 1974 Begonian
B. hernandioides Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Holley Moon' Holley Mike Flaherty
B. hydrocotylifolia Gene Salisbury
B. 'Immense' Ricinifolia seedling Lloyd Traven
B. imperialis Charles Henthorne
B. 'Jelly Roll Morton' Erythrophylla Helix x wollnyi Johnson Joyce Pridgen
B. 'Joe Hayden' Reichenheimi x mazae Ziesenhenne Peter Szilagyi
B. 'Joooles Moon' Joe Hayden & heracleifolia Vanderwilt - 1998 Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Lemon Shag' Julie Vanderwilt
B. leprosa Charles Henthorne
B. leprosa Charles Henthorne
B. limprichtii Charles Henthorne
B. limprichtii
B. listada Julie Vanderwilt
B. listada Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Lithuania' Silver Mist x Lenore Olivier Tsamtsis Paul Tsamtsis
B. ludicra Charles Henthorne
B. 'Little Brother Montgomery' Johnson Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Little Darling' Burgundy Queen x bowerae var. nigramarga Standford - 1964 Lloyd Traven
B. luzonensis
B. lyniceorum Charles Henthorne
B. lyniceorum Mexico-Burt-Utley-1983 Charles Henthorne
B. 'Madame Queen' manicata Crispa Aureo-maculata x leslie Lynn Bath Duane Campbell
B. 'Madame Vanderwilt' Connee Boswell x Little Brother Montgomery B. Thompson Paul Tsamtsis
B. 'Marmaduke' Kingsley Langenberg
B. masoniana Ed and Millie Thompson
B. megaphylla Mike Flaherty
B. 'Midnight Magic' O'Reilly Mary Bucholtz
B. 'Mish' kellermanii x carrieae Ziesenhenne Ed Bates
B. moysesii Kingsley Langenberg
B. nelumbiifolia Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Nightmare' Red Planet x carolineifolia Woodriff - 1977 Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Northern Lights' Iris Bird
B. 'Oliver Twist' Madame Queen x carrieae Logee's
B. 'Palmgarten' carolineifolia x Leslie Lynn Kartuz - 1977 Doug Pridgen
B. 'Phoe's Cleo' Seedling of Cleo Anderson Doug Pridgen
B. phuthoensis Charles Jaros
B. popenoei America Honduras - 1930 Doris Happel
B. prismatocarpa Gordon Lepisto
B. rajah Jan Goodwin
B. 'Redington Shores' Cowardly Lion x unknown Sytch - 2000 Lloyd Traven
B. 'Red Fred' Sport of Freddie Julie Vanderwilt
B. roxburghii Julie Vanderwilt
B. roxburghii Freda Holley
B. scapigera Deva Brown
B. Selph's Mahogany Doris Happel
B. 'Shadow Box' Caviness Mary Bucholtz
B. 'Shadowland' masoniana x Charles Jaros B. Thompson Charles Henthorne
B. 'Sierra Silver Moon' Bishop Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Silver Misono' Silver Jewell x alice-clarkiae Misono Paul Rothstein
B. 'Silver Splendor' hemsleyana (silver spotted form) x taliensis (silver form) Dan Heims
B. 'Sisquoc' carrieae x bowerae var. nigramarga Ziesenhenne Doug Pridgen
B. 'Small Change' Whirletta x Royal Lustre Worley Mary Bucholtz
B. tayabensis Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Think Pink' Ross Bolwell
B. 'Twisted Sister' Lloyd Traven
B. U012 Charles Henthorne
B. U303 Johanna Zinn
B. U303 Mary Bucholtz
B. U303
B. U304 Julie Vanderwilt
B. U388 Tom Keepin
B. U388 Tom Keepin
B. U388 Tom Keepin
B. U388 Tom Keepin
B. U400 Julie Vanderwilt
B. U434 Elizabeth Mateus
B. U475 Doris Happel
B. U498 Julie Vanderwilt
B. U498 Laurie Bounsall
B. U498 Laurie Bounsall
B. U512 Charles Henthorne
B. U551 Doris Happel
B. unidentified Rekha Morris
B. unidentified Johanna Zinn
B. unidentified Rekha Morris
B. velloziana Charles Jaros
B. versicolor Don Miller
B. 'Virginia Jens' crassicaulis x sericoneura Doris Happel
B. 'Virginia Jens' crassicaulis x sericoneura Lowe
B. 'White Wash' Morning Mist x wollnyi John Clare
B. 'Wild Pony' Sytch Lloyd Traven
B. 'Wimauma' Cowardly Lion x unknown Sytch Chris Block
B. 'Winter Sunshine' Ross Bolwell

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