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Trailing-Scandent Begonias

Begonia 'Potpourri'The trailing type of begonia are grown mostly for their trailing habit but put on a spectacular show of flowers, usually in the spring. 

Some of the newer varieties have a longer blooming period or are ever blooming. Some have glossy leaves and look like a philodendron, but others grow large leaves and will climb. In their native habitat these types will climb up the trunks of trees. Most of the trailing types have white or pink flowers.







Begonia Name Parents Who Where When
Potpourri solananthera x unknown Logee's Connecticut 1984


Articles About Trailing-Scandent Begonias

Title Author Issue
Begonia glabra in the Amazon Lowland Forest in Peru Jacques Jangoux  March/April 2000
Begonia solananthera A. DC. Mildred L. Thompson  September 1976
Easy to grow: fragrant B. solananthera Elda Haring  June 1980
Hanging Around with the Trailing Scandents Bill and Mimi Schramm  July/August 2002
My Favorite Trailing Scandent Begonia Johanna Kitson  March/April 2003
Trailing-Scandent Begonias Beryl Clark  September/October 1993
Trailing-scandent begonias: grow up or down   July 1980

Images of Trailing-Scandent Begonias

Begonia Parents / Place of Origin Photographer/Artist
B. convolvulacea Jacques Jangoux
B. fagifolia America Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
B. 'Fragrant Beauty' solananthera x procumbens Mary McClelland
B. glabra Jacques Jangoux
B. glabra Jacques Jangoux
B. loranthoides Julie Vanderwilt
B. loranthoides ssp. rhopalocarpa Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Panasoffkee' U009 x unknown Doris Happel
B. polygonoides
B. solananthera Julie Vanderwilt
B. solananthera Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Splotches' solananthera X limmingheana Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Splotches' solananthera X limmingheana
B. thelmae Johanna Kitson
Ecuador species Kingsley Langenberg

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