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Tuberous Begonias

b. samhaensisThe tuberous type of begonia is also very popular around the world as a bedding plant and also as a greenhouse plant. In some countries such as England it is the main type grown. The tuberous types are grown for their flowers although there are a few varieties and species which have interesting leaves and growth. 

The flower size can range from small, 1/2 inch flowers, to the large exhibition types that can have flowers the size of dinner plates. The flowers range in type from singles to full doubles and come in every color except shades of blue. There are even flowers with different color edges and some are scented. The plant types range from trailers that are grown in hanging baskets with pendulous flowers to sturdy upright plants. The tuberous types grow from tubers and go dormant during short days during the fall and winter. They are restarted in the spring. 

Another related type is the semi-tuberous which doesn't have a tuber but which have form a caudex, or swelling, at the base of the stem. Most semi-tuberous have small leaves and small white flowers, but at least a couple are pink. They make almost a natural bonsai with their swollen base and small stems and leaves.

Articles About Tuberous Begonias
Title Author Issue
B. guttata? Johanna Zinn  May/June 2000
Growing Tuberous Begonias in Michigan Gail S. Bones  May/June 1999
It's Easy to Grow Tuberous Begonias  
Spotlight on: B. sutherlandii Daniel Haseltine  July/August 1994
Storing Tuberous Begonias for the Winter Brad Thompson 
Tuberous begonias: most spectacular flowers   July 1980
Begonia "Pink African Violet"


Charles Henthorne May/June 2008
Images of Tuberous Begonias
Begonia Parents / Place of Origin Photographer/Artist
B. '219'
B. bogneri Charles Henthorne
B. boliviensis Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Carolyn Dawn'
B. gracilis var. martiana Alfred D. Robinson Collection
B. gracilis var. martiana Mary Bucholtz
B. grandis ssp. evansiana Don Miller
B. guttata Johanna Zinn
B. guttata Johanna Zinn
B. guttata Johanna Zinn
B. 'John Henderson'
B. 'Maplewood'
B. 'Mission Bells' Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Picotee' Brown Bulb Ranch
B. pearcei Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Pink African Violet' socotrana and herbacea  Charles Henthorne
B. 'Pink African Violet" flowers socotrana and herbacea  Charles Henthorne
B. samhaensis
B. socotrana
B. socotrana
B. 'Sugar Candy' Ian McNeur
B. sutherlandii Mary Bucholtz
B. sutherlandii Nannette Watkins
B. taliensis Paul Tsamtsis
B. U012 Symbegonia Charles Henthorne
B. U103 Kingsley Langenberg
B. veitchii Robert Beyer

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