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International Database of the BEGONIACEAE

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This database, compiled and maintained by Ross Bolwell, it is completely free to use and is suited to begonia lovers, begonia growers, collectors, breeders, researchers and anyone interested in these amazing plants. In fact, any plant lover can find a lot to interest them. You might even find a new favorite!

The purpose of this database is to provide a complete as possible, searchable database of information and photographs of begonia species and cultivars. Included is information on American Begonia Society (ABS) registered cultivars, and Unidentified Species numbered plants (U###).


The database is an ongoing work in progress. This is a "wiki' style database where we encourage input from you to maintain accuracy, update information, add new plants, remove incorrect information and supply photographs.

We continue to hunt for any information regarding old and new species and cultivars. If you have any photos and information, like old printed catalogs specializing in begonias, or if you are a hybridizer, please contact us via email with any information you have to share! Thank you!

Click here to visit The International Database of the BEGONIACEAE

How to Use
the International Database of the BEGONIACEAE


Click here to visit The International Database of the BEGONIACEAE

You click on "Find" as shown above. This returns the following screen:


If you know the plant name or part of the plant name you enter that in the box to the right of "Plant Name" as shown above. Then click on "Find Records" and you will get a set of one or more records that meet your request. If there is no match, nothing will be returned. If you need to search on other information, then click on "Advanced Search" as shown above. The following screen will appear:


Here, you can enter data into one or more fields - say you know the begonia is a rex and it was bred by me - you would enter "rex" into the box on the right of "Plant Type" and  "bolwell" into the box on the right of "Originator".

You would also click in the little circle before the line that states "Find records if all fields match", otherwise you will get a returned set of records with all the rex type begonias in the database (a couple of thousand at least) as well as all of the begonias I have bred (a few hundred) which is not what you want. The entry is shown in the screen below:


Now click the "Find Records" tab. The resulting "found set" is called a "Record List" and would contain all of the records that meet your request. These would be presented in groups of 25 records which you can scroll through using the "First", "Prev", "Next" and "Last" tabs. In the case demonstrated only 19 records were found and the resulting screen is shown below:


To sort the records into alphabetical order, just click on the heading "Name" and the sort will occur. You can do this with any heading to sort on that column. 

To select a particular begonia, just click on the little right pointing blue arrow next to the plant name you've chosen. Say you choose B. 'Annan Storm', then information on that cultivar is shown as per the screen that follows:  

You can tab across the various headings "Plant"; "Leaf"; "Flower"; "Photo" and "Email Us" and see any information that might be present under those categories. And that is all there is to it. Try it out - and you'll find it is a very valuable begonia tool!

  Please note:

There may be small differences to the screen captures shown above and what you see on your screen because of small changes to the data and that we now have additional tabs called "Progeny"; "Culture" and "Wiki" where you can enter details and submit for updating purposes.

Click here to visit The International Database of the BEGONIACEAE


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